The Difference

Great Book The Difference by Jean Chatzky!

What’s the difference between people struggling financially and those living comfortably?
What’s the difference between people struggling financially and those living comfortably?

These twenty factors make The Difference.

Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

•They feel stocks are worth the risk.

•They devote money to personal savings

•They save regularly for emergencies.

•They have invested for retirement.

•They have reduced outstanding debt.


•They want to be financially comfortable during their working years.

•They aim to retire comfortably.

•They always knew what they wanted to do (for a career).

•They made it a goal to accumulate $1 million.

•They want to own a home.


•They are confident.

•They are happy.

•They are optimistic.

•They are competitive.

•They are leaders.

Nonfinancial Behaviors

•They have a college degree.

•They socialize with friends at least once a week.

•They exercise at least two to three times a week.

•They read newspapers regularly.

•They are married.

It is all in your Mind – 态度

French writer and Nobel Prize winner Anatole France once said, “To
accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only
plan, but also believe.”

Mind Power is directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome. Put simply, what you focus on you attract. Focus on success and you attract success. Focus on fear and failure and you attract failure. Understanding these laws and making our thoughts work for us.


At some point in our lives we find ourselves stuck without the possibility to concentrate, to think clear thoughts and to see things bright. So this is the moment to

clean our energies.

An energy healing will clear any blockages you might have. You can also check for negative entities or emotional cords that may need to be cut. Don’t underestimate the power of these energy checkups, and they can impact your energy tremendously! You might find your mood swings, imbalanced emotions, or connections you can’t seem to get rid of are all fixed once your energy is realigned, and thus help you be at your best to protect your energy.

Simply say this command: “Repair energy field – now.” Then Enter that command to your Center. (Just notice your vertical center, moving your awareness from the base of the spine, quickly straight up and out the top of your head – as you say the command. That’s all you need to do.)

Do that again a couple of times. Say “Repair energy field – now.” Then Enter that command  to your Center for about 1 second.

Take a nice full breath, into your Center, and allow the energy to shift.

Use affirmations such as:

“I AM pure positive energy!

I AM loved by source!
I AM an eternal being of love and light!
I AM a magnet for pure positive energy!
I AM leaving behind negative experiences and energy right now!
Things ARE working out for me just right!
I AM protected by pure love and light!”

You have the power.


Your highest values


The end of the calendar year is a great time  to reflect on our highest values.
Identifying what is most important to you can help clarify your purpose and align your goals to support your greatest dreams and desires.
This is why is specific time is better than any other to set our goals anew for the coming year.
You can start right now with pen and paper — or even this very moment at your computer.
Capture your thoughts—as fast as you can—about the things you value most in your life. Writing fast helps you outrun the editor function of the conscious mind that would otherwise censor your creativity.
Let your imagination go freewheeling. Be creative, and release any concerns about getting it perfect. Be playful. When you relax, play, and explore, your priorities will emerge for you.
When you’re done, pick the five things from your list that are most important to you. Recognize what gives you pleasure, contributes to your sense of excellence, and aligns with your true self.
Take additional time before the year ends to craft specific goals that match these values. Clearly defining your goals gives you greater opportunity to fulfill them.
Write in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK the five things most important that will empower your life next year, then keep it in your wallet during 2014, see that magic will come to you.

Love yourself

Louise Hay is a great author that wrote wonderful books about love.

She affirms that the best way to resolve health issues and any other issue in your life is by starting to Love yourself .

Self esteem is feeling good about your self. A person with high self worth is successful in any field. All of us have very high self esteem when we are young. However, as we grow up, we are bombarded with negativism.

The difference between low self esteem and high self esteem is the difference between misery and happiness, between failure and success, between tears and laughter. Your ability or inability to love yourself determines your station and status in life.

If you are unable to respect yourself, don’t expect others to do so. Greater self esteem is the key to a better life.

Notice that successful people in any walk of life have a very high self esteem. They think very highly about themselves.

Unsuccessful people generally have a very low self worth. It’s a simple rule. If you don’t love yourself, nobody will.

Repeating the following self esteem affirmations in front of a mirror, especially when looking into your own eyes, is a very good way of restoring your self esteem.

Remember, as you love yourself more and more, your self esteem will grow higher and higher. You have to love yourself first. Only then, will the world follow.

Read the affirmations on THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK do it few times, it wil boost your motivation and will give you power from within.


Time & Money


Which has more value?

If you loose money you can get it back and past time cannot be given back.

You can occupy your time in the past, present or future.

When you occupy your time in the past you are working in accountability.

When you occupy your time in the present your are organizing your day.

When you occupy your time in the future you design strategies and plan new ideas and visions.

Depending on which you invest more time, shows if your are going backwards, staying still or going forward.

“Urgent things make noise, important things are quiet”

Jim Rohn – One of the best kept secrets of the rich is the best management of time.

Invest time NOW in your future, fill THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK.


Este cartão  o mantém na rota  para conseguir  suas propostas. Trabalha com a lei da atração, mas, com mais força e eu o chamo de paradigma da magia




Imprima-o, pense no quer conseguir em várias áreas de sua vida, escreva e guarde-o na  carteira… o paradigma da magia atrairá para que aconteça

A cada tantos dias leia o que foi escrito e as frases que visam melhorar sua auto-estima

Venho divulgando há muito tempo que, quem escreveu e guardou, admirou-se depois de algum tempo, que tudo o que estava escrito materializou-se nos planos economico, familiar, social, profissional e espiritual

!Você também quer surpreender-se? Tente e verá

D’us está em minha cabeça e em meu pensamento

D’us está em meus olhos e em meu olhar

D’us está em minha boca e em minhas palavras

D’us está em minha língua e em meu paladar

D’us está em meus lábios e em minhas saudações

D’us está em meu nariz, em meu olfato e em minha respiração

D’us está em em meus ouvidos e em minha audição

D’us está em meu colo  e em minha  humildade

D’us está em meus ombros e em minha altivez

D’us está em minhas costas e em minha postura

D’us está  em meus braços, em meu dar e receber

D’us está em minhas mãos e em meu trabalho

D’us está em minhas pernas e em meu caminhar

D’us está em meus pés  e na minha firme ligação

D’us está em minhas articulações e em minhas relações

D’us está em minhas entranhas e em meus sentimentos

D’us está em meu final e em meu reviver

Ending year 2011

I am so proud for this ending year of 2011.  

I had these wonderful experiences and new learnings starting with

a course in medium readings, psychic  energy,  silva method and new technical charts in finance.

I saw my mother being very ill and in pain at the beginning of the year and ending this previous year in good shape and enthusiastic about life, with a very strong attitude towards life.

I made some incredible trips to Spain, USA and finishing at the romantic city of Rome with the Christmas  lights.

I solved a big problem that I had with real estate and the solution was better than I expected.

I lost weight and stayed in shape and feel good about my body.

My family and I share wonderful moments, with my friends we had great walks in the country and good parties.

The only thing that make me very sad this year is that a close member of my family is having the worst year ever and hope that will find the willpower to overcome it and to make something good out of it.  All my blessings.

Why I am sharing you with you all this?

Because I wrote in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK the things that I wanted them to happen to me and they all come true.

So I insist for you this year to allow yourself to dream big, make plans, contracts with yourself and write them down on THE CARD.

I wish you a happy new year 2012!