It works!

One of my dreams or contracts with myself that I asked in my card that keeps me on track was to lose weight. I have been dealing with this issue for almost 20 years.

I always being into sports and love to entertain family and friends, but every year put on some weight. Year by year I decided to try to lose some of this weight but without any success. I keep a card in my wallet and of my resolutions was to get off some kilograms of my weight. All other issues that I write, always work fine with me but the weight issue was a difficult one and hard to complete.

Until one day I saw a picture like the one below and immediately decided that I will go for it. So I joined Sivan Ofiri and her team Helit and went into a class of “Simple lose weight with Sivan Ofiri”. At the beginning I thought no way I can get rid of gluten and sugar, but as the weeks go past I realized with her teachings that we get some much power to the food we eat, that we loose track when we are hungry and when we are full. Most of the classes were not dealing with food but with Consciousness.

At the end of 10 sessions I couldn’t believe myself … it worked!


So I am proud to say that it is really simple and I no longer give my power to eating disorders and sugar addictions.

The card that keeps you on track it works, when you are focus on what you want it finds the way as magic, to provide the right path to your success.

Thanks to Helit and Sivan! You just helped me to achieve one of my dreams.

Wealth Secrets

Can we earn real money after our 50’s, 40’s or less? Can we change our attitudes to wealth?

In How Rich People Think, author Steve Siebold compares the thoughts, habits and philosophies of the middle class to the world class when it comes to wealth. If you follow the beliefs, philosophies, and strategies of the rich and take action, you have a legitimate shot at becoming a millionaire. The secret is not in the mechanics of money, but in the level of thinking that generates it. Once you learn to embrace this, your earning potential is limitless.

The middle class believes formal education is the answer to acquiring wealth, yet very few academics are wealthy. They seek advanced degrees and certifications and are confounded when these things don’t bring them riches.

The middle class trades time for money. The world class trades ideas that solve problems for money.

The poverty class talks about and things of the past; the middle class talks about other people; and the world class talks about ideas.


Ask this critical thinking question:

“At what level of monetary success do I feel most comfortable?

a) poverty class

b) middle class

c) world class.

” Where you feel most comfortable reflects your self-image, and most likely, your current status. If you want to become wealthier, begin by raising your self-image by upgrading the self-talk you use regarding money and finances. If all you do is chase more money, you are simply attacking the effect. The cause is how you think, and if you improve the cause, the effect will take care of itself.

A must read  You Were Born Rich, by Bob Proctor.

Write down the most important goals you want to achieve in the next twelve months in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and make a commitment to concentrate on achieving them.

Champions make decisions based on facts, not feelings. The world class also uses this understanding of truth and fact in their mental programming. The great ones know the conscious mind functions most effectively on fact, while the subconscious can be programmed with truth. Since the subconscious is unable to make the distinction between fact and truth, champions program their subconscious minds to believe their visions, dreams and ideas as truths. Because the subconscious doesn’t have the ability to reject an idea, it accepts it as truth and begins to create behaviors that are congruent with this new “truth.” The conscious mind knows this “truth” is not fact, and tension begins to build between the conscious and subconscious, creating cognitive dissonance. As a result, the two go to work to create congruency. The great ones are not only aware of the difference between truth and fact, but they also know how to use them both to get what they want.

Your highest values


The end of the calendar year is a great time  to reflect on our highest values.
Identifying what is most important to you can help clarify your purpose and align your goals to support your greatest dreams and desires.
This is why is specific time is better than any other to set our goals anew for the coming year.
You can start right now with pen and paper — or even this very moment at your computer.
Capture your thoughts—as fast as you can—about the things you value most in your life. Writing fast helps you outrun the editor function of the conscious mind that would otherwise censor your creativity.
Let your imagination go freewheeling. Be creative, and release any concerns about getting it perfect. Be playful. When you relax, play, and explore, your priorities will emerge for you.
When you’re done, pick the five things from your list that are most important to you. Recognize what gives you pleasure, contributes to your sense of excellence, and aligns with your true self.
Take additional time before the year ends to craft specific goals that match these values. Clearly defining your goals gives you greater opportunity to fulfill them.
Write in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK the five things most important that will empower your life next year, then keep it in your wallet during 2014, see that magic will come to you.

The 11 steps to MAGIC

Jose |Luis Parise author of the eleven steps to magic, is an Argentinian researcher, writer and psychoanalyst. In his books he shows us a map of 11 step towards magic, to direct us to our own magic in our life.

From the Initiation of History, mankind passes down a Legacy that Teaches that it is possible to use Subtle Forces which help Man in his Life. That same Legacy, unmistakably, has also shown that a deep Change is produced in those Who take the Path that leads them to reach such Forces. In fact, He Who takes these Steps, has been given the mythical names of Hero, Shaman, Witch… and Magician.

What are these mysterious Forces that the Magician (Hero, Shaman, Witch) summons? Why do these Subtle Forces sometimes turn up as the most powerful Ally, while other times they present as the worst enemies? Is it possible to work with those Invisible and Subtle Phenomena with the same certainty as the modern man has learnt to work with the Visible and Manifest Phenomena?

These were the Questions which, almost thirty years ago, Started Our Journey. A Journey that would embark us on more than a Hundred Journeys, and which led us to the so called Iniciatic Cultures on the Planet … to meet Those whom we were not even certain that Existed: Those Who are literally since ever Pointed out as The Ones who Know the Magic … and who nowadays are named as The Guardians of The Wisdom.

Something in common threads with Gold Strings all what in those different cultures presents itself as Magic. As if an identical original Teaching should have been spread as Fundamental Paradigm for Humanity. In what we nowadays see as different cultures and religions … all of them had learnt to follow the same Map.

A Map… that takes to the Most Elevated, Powerful and Sacred of the Human Being.

A Map … that Transcends the human being, unifying him with His Divine Forces.

A Map… of Eleven Steps.

1. The chaos of the idea

2. The order of the word

3. Feelings

4. Signs

5. The exam

6. The use of the energy

7. Magic appears

8. The art of Negotiation

9. Obtacles, final exam

10. The Realization

11. The Master – what we learned

Here I found the best explanation in English

The Sleep

We spend many hours awake, talking, working, eating and thinking and hopefully doing things that we love, we are in a constant rush, dealing with obligations and chores, looking for ways to relax more and be more productive.
We avoid sleeping good, we take hours from our sleep to do things more efficiently, to simply do more.

The sleeping at night is the laps-us that rebuild us, that stop us and tranquilize us in a prodigious way to awake with new energies for the next day.

Why we avoid such a natural gift?

Our sanctuary is our room at night, a good sleep is where we can ease our minds, our desires, our love and build a better life.

It will be nice to design our night room with the right light, create a paradise with the perfect position of the bed and a good mattress so it will become the best remedy for our needs.
Your mornings will start much better after a good night sleep.

Before going to sleep try doing some focusing in what you really want, visualize for few minutes your perfect life, use the power of gratitude and you will be rewarded big time!
Have a good night sleep.


Time & Money


Which has more value?

If you loose money you can get it back and past time cannot be given back.

You can occupy your time in the past, present or future.

When you occupy your time in the past you are working in accountability.

When you occupy your time in the present your are organizing your day.

When you occupy your time in the future you design strategies and plan new ideas and visions.

Depending on which you invest more time, shows if your are going backwards, staying still or going forward.

“Urgent things make noise, important things are quiet”

Jim Rohn – One of the best kept secrets of the rich is the best management of time.

Invest time NOW in your future, fill THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK.

A Song

Today I wanted to share a private story.

My son Yoav, wrote and composed a song, these are the words and lyrics of his song (translated by me).

It’s time to choose where to move on
And see the truth struggling out
We trembled for nothing if a way is not selected

There is no  high light overhead us
That directs our lives
Only we can be comforted with love

It’s time to choose a real love
Hide and run from the pain experienced 
What else is left for us except from counting sheep

There is no high light overhead us
That directs our lives
Only we can be comforted with love

For many years a man fall and rose
Many nights he doesn’t sleep
‘ll See you will find the way

There is no high light overhead us
That directs our lives
Only we can be comforted with love

It’s time to choose where to move.

More than a year ago he was enlisted to go to the military band after beeing auditioned and being pass many exams, with a low army profile because a health issue. (For a singer to be, this is an elite band to enroll to).

Having only 18 years old he decided that he will in fact take care of his health issue and alter his army profile in order to be enlisted to his army goal. Yesterday he went to the army for a long period of time.

I share his song with you and wish him well!


Your Thoughts and Writing

Your thoughts have a lot more substance than you might think.

Researchers found that when people wrote down their thoughts on a piece of paper and then threw the paper away, they mentally discarded the thoughts as well. But those who tucked the paper into their pocket were more likely to use them when later making judgments.
The findings suggest that people can treat their thoughts as material, as energy.

“However you tag your thoughts—as trash or as worthy of protection—seems to make a difference in how you use those thoughts.”

In one experiment high school students wrote about what they liked or disliked about their bodies. Half of the participants were told to contemplate their thoughts and then check them for grammar or spelling mistakes. The other half were told to contemplate their thoughts and then throw the paper away in a trash can.
Those who physically hung onto their thoughts were more likely to use them in forming judgments later when asked to rate their bodies on various scales (bad-good, unattractive-attractive, like-dislike).

A similar experiment found that people were even more likely to rely on their thoughts when they placed them in a safe place like their pocket.

This suggests you can magnify your thoughts, and make them more important to you, by keeping them with you in your wallet or purse.

That’s not surprising. When you write something down—whether it’s a thought, intention, or goal—you put your energy into it. It’s like writing a contract to yourself. It is like sending a message to the universe, telling it exactly what you want.

Committing your goals and intentions to paper is a key aspect so try it on THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and you will know how effective this simple act is in achieving successful outcomes.

What Motivates Us To Act

There is only one way under high heaven to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it. ” — Dale Carnegie

This is a list of Appeals and Basic Human Wants

To make money
To save time
To avoid effort
To achieve comfort
To have health
To be popular
To experience pleasure
To be clean
To be praised
To be in style
To gratify curiosity
To satisfy an appetite
To have beautiful possessions
To attract the opposite sex
To be an individual
To emulate others
To take advantage of opportunities

By looking into each of these phrases try to find goals, dreams or contracts for yourself to achieve, writing down your goals is a key factor in being motivated and getting what you want out of life.  Writing down what you want out of life helps you crystallize it in your mind, and give you something concrete to be focus on.

Print THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and write down everything you want in life.  What you want to learn, what you want to earn, where you want to live, where you want to vacation, who you want to be friends with, the kind of relationship you want to have, the kind of family life you want to have, spiritual development, academic achievement, professional designations, weight, level of health, community participation, language learning, pets, business, everything. Use a pen and write, as the physical act of writing will help imbed these goals into your subconscious mind.

Then let the magic flow into your life!