What is it all about?

Very simple and subtle than anything you think, just think clearly what do you really want, how, where, why and when and write it down in a small an special card that you keep close to you, in  a place where you can read it very often, that goes with you everywhere and doesn’t need technology or special stuff, read it again and it will remind you what it is important to you at anytime.

Why it is a priority to write it down?

When you write you are sending a different message to your brain, it is like you are sending a command to perform and to produce.

At the begining you have a visual image, it is a first step, then you proccess it and by writing it down, you confirm it and you became fully aware, by keeping it in your wallet is a way to asking the universe to attract it to you, you are now a magnet for it to you.

It is a simple task but very powerful, use it!


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