Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better

Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better – Émile Coué

Émile Coué was a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a method of psychotherapy, healing, and self-improvement, based on autosuggestion or self-hypnosis.

“Law of Concentrated Attention.” The Law of Concentrated Attention states that whenever attention is concentrated on an idea over and over again, it spontaneously tends to realize itself. That’s where “every day…” came in.

Coué encouraged his patients with the promise of improvement. ” You have been sowing bad seed in your Unconscious ; now you will sow good seed. The power by which you have produced these ill effects will in future produce equally good ones.”

One of his famous ways of speaking to someone who complains about work, fatigue, health or bad luck were: ” That’s just where you’re wrong,” Coué says. ” If you say ` I want to do something,’ your imagination replies ` Oh, but you can’t.’ You must say ` I am going to do it,’ and if it is in the region of the possible you will succeed.”

The limits of the power of auto-suggestion are not yet known; final recovery is possible, he had a strong convinction in the power of the mind.

He believed that the imagination is much stronger than the will. So he said “You must put your trust in the imagination, not in the will. Think you are better and you will become so.”

” When you have any task to perform you will always think that it is easy. Such words as  difficult, impossible, I cannot’ will disappear from your vocabulary. Their place will be taken by this phrase :  “It is easy and I can”. So, considering your work easy, even if it is difficult to others, it will become easy to you. You will do it easily, without effort and without fatigue.”

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