The 11 steps to MAGIC

magic Jose |Luis Parise author of the eleven steps to magic, is an Argentinian researcher, writer and psychoanalyst. In his books he shows us a map of 11 step towards magic, to direct us to our own magic in our life.

From the Initiation of History, mankind passes down a Legacy that Teaches that it is possible to use Subtle Forces which help Man in his Life. That same Legacy, unmistakably, has also shown that a deep Change is produced in those Who take the Path that leads them to reach such Forces. In fact, He Who takes these Steps, has been given the mythical names of Hero, Shaman, Witch… and Magician.

What are these mysterious Forces that the Magician (Hero, Shaman, Witch) summons? Why do these Subtle Forces sometimes turn up as the most powerful Ally, while other times they present as the worst enemies? Is it possible to work with those Invisible and Subtle Phenomena with the same certainty as the modern man has learnt to work with the Visible and Manifest Phenomena?

These were the Questions which, almost thirty years ago, Started Our Journey. A Journey that would embark us on more than a Hundred Journeys, and which led us to the so called Iniciatic Cultures on the Planet … to meet Those whom we were not even certain that Existed: Those Who are literally since ever Pointed out as The Ones who Know the Magic … and who nowadays are named as The Guardians of The Wisdom.

Something in common threads with Gold Strings all what in those different cultures presents itself as Magic. As if an identical original Teaching should have been spread as Fundamental Paradigm for Humanity. In what we nowadays see as different cultures and religions … all of them had learnt to follow the same Map.

A Map… that takes to the Most Elevated, Powerful and Sacred of the Human Being.

A Map … that Transcends the human being, unifying him with His Divine Forces.

A Map… of Eleven Steps.

1. The chaos of the idea

2. The order of the word

3. Feelings

4. Signs

5. The exam

6. The use of the energy

7. Magic appears

8. The art of Negotiation

9. Obtacles, final exam

10. The Realization

11. The Master – what we learned

Here I found the best explanation in English

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