I want to share a beautiful eulogy that my sister wrote for our father.


“I start by saying that I am very proud to be your daughter, I am very lucky. You leave us, despite you not being here, many treasures.

I was fortunate to feel protected when I was young, hugging to your waist. It was a magical moment that I will always remember. You always made us feel that everything will be alright. That was the kind of protection that you always gave us, without words, with facts.
That paternal protection of the always present, even in silence.
Your presence , protection and goodness always harbored many people.

I was fortunate to learn what it means to be consistent between what we think, say and do . Always taught us by example to be hardworking , serious and responsible . You taught us to be correct, honest and good with words. Your family, friends and people who worked with you always remembered you fondly for the great example you gave us.

I was fortunate to learn to appreciate art and beauty. Through your eyes and your colors , you taught us that beauty is everywhere and we are all hopelessly impressionistic thank to you. If we visit a museum , you are present with us there.

I have the fortune to love reading and aquire knowledge. You taught us to be curious and that there are no limits . You taught us that nothing is impossible , only there are unabled people, and never to give up. Always encouraged us to follow our dreams.

I was fortunate to know a little of that philosophy of yours, so simple. Never complaining and always see the positive side of things. Always showed it to even to your final days and we admire your strength and your way of being.

I was fortunate to know the magic and mystery. And by leaving us on this date, so significant , show us that in every chaos there is always an order, that everything has a hidden meaning .
It’s your message to us that life goes on and it is here to be lived. We celebrate then life and cheer up that we have life because of you.

Thank you for being a role model . All who crossed your path, are glad that have met you , you were a great man , and now you are our angel and our light .

You are a lighthouse that illuminates and guides us .

I hope we can all follow your footsteps . Thank you and farewell my sun.

Te quiero papa lindo.

Good path my old man.”

Monique Mizrahi

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