My Mother

Difficult times right now for my mother, she is 80 years old and separate from my father with whom she lived for the last 56 years, because of his illness and he was transferred to a nursery home.Even though these thought days are well noted in her face and body,
she is a strong woman and a fighter.

For the last five years she passed three operations, two of them for hip replacement in the same place, so imagine the pain she must have had for so long.

The point is that she filled THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and one of the things that she wrote down was, I walk, simple as that but difficult to prove it.

She kept visualizing herself walking around, walking.

Now after 3 years after her surgery, she walks incredible, without any help whatsoever.

In these days she faces another major impact in her life, might lose her partner soon, and with determination and strength she focuses in what she wishes and dreams.

She had been an immigrant twice, the first time when she was 22 from France to Colombia in the 1950’s and the second time when she was 65 from Colombia to Spain, I believe these episodes help to make her a strong woman and have a good self esteem which proves a very valuable value 
to have.

I am very proud of her! 

Maguy Cumpleaño  96

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