The Sleep

We spend many hours awake, talking, working, eating and thinking and hopefully doing things that we love, we are in a constant rush, dealing with obligations and chores, looking for ways to relax more and be more productive.
We avoid sleeping good, we take hours from our sleep to do things more efficiently, to simply do more.

The sleeping at night is the laps-us that rebuild us, that stop us and tranquilize us in a prodigious way to awake with new energies for the next day.

Why we avoid such a natural gift?

Our sanctuary is our room at night, a good sleep is where we can ease our minds, our desires, our love and build a better life.

It will be nice to design our night room with the right light, create a paradise with the perfect position of the bed and a good mattress so it will become the best remedy for our needs.
Your mornings will start much better after a good night sleep.

Before going to sleep try doing some focusing in what you really want, visualize for few minutes your perfect life, use the power of gratitude and you will be rewarded big time!
Have a good night sleep.


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