Hope – Is in your mind!

Today I met a nice guy that is 99 Years old!
I am running a project for a “White House” in the high school of my neighborhood, that will met grown up volunteers with teens pupils,
so I am looking for volunteers, and I met this great guy (old person with a young mind).

I told him about the project and the needs of the place and what struck me most about him, is that he wants to be involve with a purpose, he checks what options are there for him to be useful and what he can contribute actively on it.

He is a great volunteer that works in many projects, one of them is making a green garden in a kinder garden with help of the kids.

What Hope has to do with it? Well in his point of view, hope is within, you make it, you are completely involved in it, and you have passion with the things that go around you.

He stills drive, has a cell phone and is completely active in his daily life. Movement and a good sense of humor are a key ingredient for his life, so this is part of his well being and he arrive to this fantastic age by giving hope to himself. A great attitude!

Hope is in your mind!  

Fill THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and give more hope to your life.

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