How do you read this?

Opportunity is nowhere or opportunity is now here.

Depends on our set of beliefs, the mind reads this phrase in a positive or negative way.

Interesting how we all see the same things every day and yet we “see” it different. The reality that two people looking at the exact same thing can see it completely differently. And how they see it will absolutely effect their attitude, performance and behavior.

It is possible to dream, envision and believe a successful outcome for any challenge. Sometimes the vision is staring right in your face. Other times you have to dig really deep or be incredibly creative. The good news is, each time you practice positive visualization, it becomes much easier.

What you choose to focus on, is important.  Your belief or perception will impact your reality profoundly!

Recognizing opportunities  is not a matter of genius or luck. It is a matter of  looking intently at yourself and your immediate surroundings, and doing something creative with whatever it is you see.

Write down your abilities and strengths in and next to, the activities, dreams, things you want to achieve.
Opportunity is NOW HERE!

Take action.

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