Grow Rich While You Sleep

Grow rich while you sleep by Ben Sweetland is a most unusual and thought provoking book.

Sleep-suggestion is a remarkably efficient way of directing suggestions to the subconscious during sleep. This method is described and explored in detail in this exceptional book.

“We first think in terms of success before we manifest success” is the first motto he wrote after learning the influence of mind over matter.

Whatever you want out of life, focus on the idea, visualize it before you go to sleep, relax using deep breathing and allow yourself to be free of any type of thinking, leave it to you subconcious (creative mind) while you sleep, continue doing this for many nights and without realizing how, it will show you the way to make it come to you. Be it money, influence, love, respect, or admiration—be it any or all of these—it will be yours in abounding measure.


A man is what his Creative Mind says he is.

When you sleep, your Creative Mind is highly receptive and the Conscious Mind cannot interfere. Send your Creative Mind a message before you go to sleep, and that message sinks in.

Here is a statement I cannot overemphasize! Make sure
you are not merely wishing for the change being considered. As
you have read in so many of my books, wishing is negative.
When you wish for something it is an indication that you do not
expect to get it— otherwise you would not have to wish for it.
The mental state being discussed in this chapter is that
of knowing you are a good businessman, you are a good writer,
you are a great musician— or anything else you may like to be.

Grow Rich— in All Things— While You Sleep.
Five rules are given here for you to follow in gaining full and
satisfying cooperation from your Creative Mind.

  • 1. Before retiring, relax thoroughly— both mentally and physically.
  • 2. Think of your problem. Think it through— but do not fear it. If you were to give a job to another person, you would have to explain what you wanted done. This is true with your Creative Mind. You are about to give it a special assignment, so it is necessary that you have clearly in mind just what it is you desire from your Creative Mind. Do not fear it, because you will be turning it over to an intelligence far greater than the intelligence of your conscious mind.
  • 3. Gain a Success Attitude. If you have developed faith in your Creative Mind, it will be easy to have a success attitude.You will know that it is able, ready and willing to serve you.
  • 4. After you have gone this far, remove all thoughts of the problem from your conscious mind, knowing that the solution will be forthcoming at the right time.

The use of affirmations will accelerate the process to achieve what you want in life.

“I am at peace with myself and the world. Problems facing me
are no longer disturbing because I have made contact with my true
source of intelligence and power. I am guided to do the right thing
at the right time.”

Writing your goals – desires – contracts in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK will add to this powerful tool your Creative Mind.


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