I just came from a reunion with long lost friends from early childhood, five women and myself decided to get together in a different country without any members of our own family only the long lost friends.

We haven’t seen each other for years and few for over 30 years, and what most impact me was the way that we connect . We were bond as if we have being living close by over the years.

I realized that friendship is a state of mind, when you see and meet friends from childhood without family members, you feel young and happy for no reason.

The stories do not end, the expression of time is meaningless, you can speak about something that happened a year ago and also that happened 15 years ago and emotions arise from all over. The motivation is in power, the energy is strong and the vibrations are good.

I appreciate every moment of this reunion and feel gratitude for having the option to do it. For me it was important and I could see that for the others was also a reunion worthwhile having.

We called this reunion “a gift” that we offer to ourselves in the middle of busy lives.

In The Card that Keeps you onTrack try to find time for long lost friends and you too will receive a gift!

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