Creative Visualization

We have become in our culture unaware of our spiritual essence.

Temporarily lost consciuos with our souls and lost sense of power and responsabilty of our lives, most people became very goal oriented and emotionally attached to things and people in order to be happy.

Most times we feel something is missing inside ourselves and we become tense, anxious and stressed.

When we realize and take conscious of this then we begin to open up to a spiritual path, there is more to life and we begin our searching towards it.

Through this experience we restore our spiritual power and this emptiness is filled up from within.

We realize that life can be good, abundant and fun. It is your natural birthright.

Creative visualization is a powerful tool that help us guide ourselves consciously towards our goals by taking responsability for creating our own lives and can be used for any purpose including spiritual growth.

What is Creative visualization?

Is a technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. You create a clear idea, image or feeling for something you wish to manifest. You first use you intention towards that idea, then you focus on that imagination regularly, with positive thoughts and energy until it manifest in your life.

You get into an alpha state of mind of relaxation and concentrate your thoughts in your idea. Magic happens!

Desire, beleive and persistance are the more important ingredients.

Once you do so, it may seem that you are working miracles in your life!

Use the card to help you with Creative vusalization to attract what you want in life.

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