Train your Mind

The subconscious mind responds to your suggestions, desires or repeated actions.

When you do a certain thing a number of times, you can do that particular thing without thinking about it; you do it automatically; it acts of itself. The reason is, you have trained the subconscious mind to do it for you.

When you continue to suggest certain things to your subconscious mind, and repeat those suggestions over and over a number of times, the subconscious will soon take them up and act upon your suggestions.

Train your subconscious mind to think only of health and strength; never of disease and weakness; positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, what the subconscious mind thinks of constantly it will produce constantly.

Whatever the subconscious mind thinks about, it will produce.

This is a psychological law that is demonstrated every minute in the life of every person; and it is a law which, when applied intelligently, will enable a person to change and improve his nature and his physical conditions almost as he may choose.

Every desire must have a greater goal in view, and every action must be animated with the spirit of aspiration. To rise in the scale, to work up to greater things, and to reach the heights.

When you feel weakness, or do not feel as strong as you wish, one of the better ways to release these thoughts is to breath deep, start filling the lower part of the lungs first, then you fill the middle and upper part. When exhaling you first empty the upper part of the lungs, then the middle, and last of all the lower part. Repeating this proccess enables you to focus on your breathing and relax your mind.

In THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK you will find affirmations that will alter your mental state, say them loud, feel them and read them many times, they will manifest in yor life and you will experience what is to Train your Mind.

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