The Invisible Counselors

One of the best books available on your way to greatness is Napoleon Hills book Think And Grow Rich in which he explains in detail how to develop a wealth mindset, and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

One particular technique: The Invisible Counselors Visualization Exercise was his ultimate technique for sourcing skills, ideas and inspiration.

This is how you do it…

Just before going to sleep at night, close your eyes, and see, in your imagination, a group of people seated with you around a Council Table. Visualize it and try to see it in detail, and  invite anyone you wish to sit at the Council Table.

Have a Definitive purpose for holding these nightly
Council Meetings.
Your Definitive Purpose can be anything you want to change about yourself or your life. Since all this is going on in your
mind, your imagination is the only limit!

Call on the Council Members for the knowledge you wish
each to contribute.
The idea here is to start a discussion with these people on any topic of your choice.

Examples of using these techniques were used also by:

Edison has been quoted as saying, “Ideas come from space. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Ideas come from out of space.”

Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine. You may not know this, but Elias got the inspiration to create the sewing machine from a dream. Here’s how he explains the dream…
“I was in Africa and was being chased by wild cannibals. They caught me and placed me in a huge pot. I kept trying to get out but they kept forcing me back in with spears.”
The spears Howe saw in his dream had holes in the tips. It was this bit of information that gave him the idea for the sewing machine needle.

“While the meetings of my cabinet may be purely fictional , and the meetings existent only in my own imagination, they have led me into glorious paths of adventure, rekindled an appreciation of true greatness, encouraged creative endeavor, and emboldened the expression of honest thought.” Hill’s quote.

Another book that was recently published is Outwitting the Devil from Napoleon Hill and was hidden since 1938, is another valuable resource to read.

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