Issac Asimov – Internet and Vocation

I just saw this interview of Issac Asimov (was considered to be one of the “Big Three” science-fiction writers during his lifetime) from 1988 in which he envision the future of the education trough the Internet. is fascinating to hear such a man, explaining the history of education in which just a few were capable of a private tutor, evolving to classes for many pupils and having the problem to adapt themselves to the rhythm of the class or the teacher, he saw the possibilities of the future web, offering  many different options for students at all ages, to pursuit an education that adapts to their capabilities and empowering to full fill their vocations.

He believed in personal creativity and curiosity to search in life what you aim for.

Sometimes I doubt that many people will be making a search for a true meaning in their life so after seeing, hearing and reading Issac Asimov I better change my perspective about it.

He certainly had a great imagination and visions of the world.

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  1. Thanks, Silvie, for such a visionary voice as expressed by Asimov’s “beautiful mind”. I’m wondering if the other two great SF writers are Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury / Stanislaw Lem?
    I’d like to place this interview on my FB wall.

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