Ending year 2011

I am so proud for this ending year of 2011.  

I had these wonderful experiences and new learnings starting with

a course in medium readings, psychic  energy,  silva method and new technical charts in finance.

I saw my mother being very ill and in pain at the beginning of the year and ending this previous year in good shape and enthusiastic about life, with a very strong attitude towards life.

I made some incredible trips to Spain, USA and finishing at the romantic city of Rome with the Christmas  lights.

I solved a big problem that I had with real estate and the solution was better than I expected.

I lost weight and stayed in shape and feel good about my body.

My family and I share wonderful moments, with my friends we had great walks in the country and good parties.

The only thing that make me very sad this year is that a close member of my family is having the worst year ever and hope that will find the willpower to overcome it and to make something good out of it.  All my blessings.

Why I am sharing you with you all this?

Because I wrote in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK the things that I wanted them to happen to me and they all come true.

So I insist for you this year to allow yourself to dream big, make plans, contracts with yourself and write them down on THE CARD.

I wish you a happy new year 2012!

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