These are few of the things or elements that has a person with a vivid imagination.

They have the ability to:

  • see things differently – They continuously challenge the assumptions that surround them, and use that as for their creativity.  They are willing to abandon any attitudes which might cause them to believe that everything is going to stay the same, with the result that they view the world through a different set of lenses. These lenses help them to generate new ideas, come up with imaginative solutions, and think creatively on a continuous basis
  • challenge creativity in other people – They can shake a team out of its confort zone and motivate them to rethink
  • focus on opportunity, not threat –  Realize that in the absence of action, no changes bring negative consequences.  They have come to learn that they  must continuously examine how to stay focus to visualize opportunity
  • refuses to accept the status quo – progress is great, but it has gone on far too long.”
  • the ability to bring ideas to life
  • has the skill to learn and unlearn –  The knowledge and skills that they will need to do their job in the future will require skills that are more complex, they view the opportunity to continuously learn something new with passion and enthusiasm.
  • refuses to say the word “can’t” 
  • accepts challenges with passion and enthusiasm. 
  • embraces change rather than shying away from it
  • listens to people who are different than them
  • lives for the opportunity to have ideas challenged and debated
  • instead of saying “it won’t work,” asks the question, “how can we make it work?

These elements are a call to action – a call to creativity – and a call for imagination. Pursue them, and you will rediscover a world in which change and challenge is turned in to opportunity and success.

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