The science of being well


Written around 100 years ago this book

The Science of Being Well – Wallace D Wattles

but still highly-relevant today, Wallace D Wattles provides practical advice and techniques for becoming healthy again, if you are not already, and staying that way for a lifetime.

Your getting well depends upon your beginning to think  and act  in a  certain way.

The two essentials of the Way are Faith and a Personal Application of the Faith.

The way a person thinks about things is determined by what he believes about them. His thoughts are determined by his faith, and the results depend upon his making a personal application of his faith.

You direct the will upon the mind, and use it in determining what you shall believe,what you shall think, and to what you shall give your attention.

The mental actions necessary to being well may now be summed up in a single sentence: Form a conception of yourself in perfect health, and think only use thoughts which are in harmony with that conception.

Never think of the ways in which weak or sickly people do things; always think of the way strong people do things. Spend your leisure time in thinking about the Strong Way, until you have a good conception of it; and always think of yourself in connection with the Strong Way of Doing Things. This is what I mean by having a Conception of Health.

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