Matrix Energetics

I just finished reading the book The Physics of Miracles by Richard Bartlett.

Matrix Energetics is about subtle energy, swifting your attention,notice what you notice, the two point technique.

Matrix Energetics sometimes appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake’s Morphic Resonance.

It is active and physical but includes the power of intent.

The ability of place intent and then let go and do nothing.

Intent can be defined as the creative act of using the many and varied parts of your conscious experience to define a set of new realities or outcomes in your experience. Focus your imagination to create a new sensation that will initiate a flow of subtle energy to allow manifestation of the desired effects and events, focus with feeling.

He also writes in his book about the power of The Spoken Word, words are cups of light that contain holographic patterns and pictures.

Write your words, your intent in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and expect miracles and plug into the grid space in the matrix where miracles  are the rule, not the exception.

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