Block Island – USA

I just came from a visit to a nice place from Rhode Island called Block Island, and by chance I came to visit a small inn called the Hygeia that is run by Lisa the poet, which made me feel so at home from the moment I enter her place.   Thank you Lisa.   


There I read a great poem by Sandy Gingras: 
Every man, woman and child is an island  
we all know the feeling of crossing over water  
and understanding  with the sudden scent of a tide  
what is to come home to ourselves.  
Be transported float, make a splash  
listen to the shells stretch run with waves  
laugh like a gull carry  
a bucket, boggie, sugar yourself with sand ebb and flow  
ride rusty bikes   
go with wind  
cultivate quite turn up your senses  
walk tender  
put living things back  
dance on edges  
build castles and leave them for the moon  
to find cross bridges  
discover treasure tank. 

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