The Sweet Spot

I read  an article about Professor Scott Snook lecturer from Harvard, regarding the army as a great place to produce managers.

In his article he points out The Sweet Spot as the perfect spot to find harmony between your strengths, your passions and your response from the environment.

I agree with the terminology of Sweet Spot, to me it looks like to be in this specific spot is to find happiness.

Most of us are moving between these tree issues most of our days, some days we are so busy being in the response environment that we hardly create, produce or even think about our passions or strengths.

Part of our lives we spend in between our strengths and passions.

Kids are so good at defining these two areas, it comes naturally for them. Adults in the other hand get lost in this “between”.

I believe that you go trough life with both areas, always trying to have a dialog within yourself, about what do I do best and what I do really want to do.

This Sweet Spot it is a challenge that I will embrace that will keep me focus to do what I do good, to passion what I do and to feel good about my environment.

Use your uniqueness (what you do) 
to make a big deal out of God (why you do it) 
every day of your life (where you do it) 

THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK it is a reminder of that Sweet Spot.

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