Mental Magic

Mind is a manifestation of energy known as electricity and magnetism.

The mental energy has vibrations of these lowers forms of energy, and we all have a sense and have felt  what is it.

Everything in this world is in vibration.

Thoughts are vibrations and waves.  wish power and will power are also vibrations that we all have within ourselves.

The wish force is the emotional power that incites the mind, incites to action, the wish is a feeling that is in need of something, an aspiration. The control of the attention lies in the exercise of the wish.

The will power or the force motor that keeps us focused, is the director and regulator of the power of the wish, this wish without the help of will power, is wasted steam, no direction, no purpose, wasted energy.

The will power is determination and firmness.

To produce mental magic forces we want to use both force of wish and force of will power.

The use of the word “magic” in connection with mental influence is quite ancient, but I love to use it because by practicing it and putting it in action in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK it will manifest!

The secret of visualization lies in the occult and psychological principle that “as is the mental matrix, so is the mental form; and as is the mental form, so is the physical materialization”.

William Walker Atkinson

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