The vessel

Today I met with a friend of mine who is from Russia, San Petersburg.

I have known her for four years, she is a single mother of 35 years old, her daughter is 15 years old, and she has to struggle to survive.

The last two years were very tough for her, she went on big debts and changing flats many times, she works as independent and she is a very practical woman.

I gave her THE CARD around eight months ago, she took it seriously, she wrote on it what she wanted, the kind of life she deserves and the important things for her to focus on.

Today I met her and she describes to me her life in a story:

“I am a vessel, a big ship in this huge blue ocean, rounded by water. 
In the vessel there are friends, family, clients and debtors, the vessel ships without a specific route, some days it goes north and other days goes west and east. It flows with the currents of the water. Big storms hits it every now and then, few beautiful days come by and most of the days goes around without a compass. 
Since the day I decided to write in THE CARD, this vessel has a direction, is using the compass and is getting where I want. It gave me faith, faith in myself!. I do not feel lost, I feel on the right path to success.  The same all people go with me in this route. My attitude changed and I am the captain of this vessel today”. 

I am very happy for her, so if you know someone that needs help in choosing their right direction, give him or her THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK.

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