A young woman and horses

I met this young woman named Sandra from Catalunya – Spain, she is very lively, hard worker and enthusiastic.

She works as a tour guide with horses in the area of Besalu a beautiful medieval town. She took me and my family for a trip of one day around their gorgeous country side area, she explained very good the principles and rules of how to ride a horse, she even gave us a lesson in the menage.

I ride horses before, and felt and thought that she was born with horses, that she was around them for years.

At lunch break I found out that she just started to ride horses a year ago and took lessons as a tour guide. She had this dream of her riding a horse with a dog close by since she was a small kid, she loved animals and was very natural around them.

She grew up in a small town without any horses, her family never took her for riding lessons and at the age of sixteen she dropout school and tried many types of work, she moved to Barcelona and found herself working in  a dog hairdresser.

I believe she was focus in her dream as a kid and with a good attitude and perseverance she achieved her goal, today at 21 years old she is full of joy and happy doing what she loves.

It is obvious for her that this environment with horses, trips and animals are the right place for her to be. For me it is even nicer to see a young woman with  that kind of spark and magic.

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