Healthy food, focus and mood

Can healthy food influence and improve focus and temper?

I went to a great talk about Healthy lifestyle by Tzipi Bar in Haifa.

She started her talk with a question “Can we be focus on what we want if we do not eat properly”?

She did not mention anything regarding diets or multivitamins, she explained very simple about our needs for all basic foods.

Eat three important meals every day: breakfast, lunch and dinner and prepare them yourself, not ready made meals, instead cook raw vegetables, fresh vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates and proteins. Olive oil, types of nuts and whole grains.

Drink plenty of water and I quote: “The way you clean your body from outside should be the same from the inside”

Water is needed to clean your organs, tissues and cells, so stop drinking other things apart from water and you will improve your mood, temper and attitude.

She suggest to keep a diary for two weeks , an honest diary, don’t fool yourself, write everything you put on your mouth.

This will show you if you are addictive to type of foods, bitter, acid or sweet food, and what changes can you make about it.

Write down when you have a crush for food, what are your thoughts, your feelings, breath and think.

Sleep properly and do some sports they are fantastic for your blood circulation and metabolism.

Again it reminds us that it is worth to keep track of what we eat and this process of focusing will bring us to loose weight and improve our lifestyle.

If  in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK you write something regarding your weight, your temper or your health lifestyle, doing what Tzipi suggested will help you achieve your goals.

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