In Dr. Joseph Murphy’s book The Power of your subconscious mind, Dr. Murphy teaches the simple, scientifically proven techniques and the astonishing facts about how your subconscious powers can perform miracles of healing. How lung cancer has been cured and optic nerves made whole again. How you can use the newly discovered Law of Attraction to increase your money-getting powers. How your subconscious mind can win you friends, peace of mind, and even help you to attract the ideal mate. How your dreams can help you solve problems and make difficult decisions — or warn you of potential disaster. Prosperity, happiness and perfect health are yours when you use The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

He worked many years as a chemist and looked for facts, those facts that are universal and unchangeable and can be called principles.

The principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics are no different in their workings from the principles in your subconscious mind. You must learn its principles.

Your subconscious mind is a principle, it works according to the law of belief.

All your experiences, events, conditions and acts are produced by your subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts.

Stop accepting false beliefs, opinions, superstitions and fears that plague our humankind. Begin to belief in the eternal truths of life.

Thought is incipient action, the reaction is the response from your subconscious mind that correspond to your thought.

I loved and illustration he used in his book – Begin to understand your mind as a it was a garden. You are the gardener, you plant seeds of thought in your subconscious mind all day long, even without noticing it.

That’s why it is a priority to sow thoughts of peace, happiness, goodwill and prosperity.  This principle will produce magic working power of responses and bring to you harmony and the best of everything.

So to put these principles in action, say to yourself three, four or five times a day positive affirmations, read out loud the affirmations from THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and responses will follow.

Dr. Joseph Murphy homepage

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