Mental Programming

What will happen in your life if you allow yourself  to change your beliefs about you can’t do it  towards you can do it?
Paul Scheele from Learning Strategies Corporation is very dedicated to improve people’s skills in many areas of life.
Mr. Scheeleh and I believe that  you can change the mental programming of any “I can’t statement” into “I can and I must” with this simple formula:
  1. Envision the end result you would like to accomplish but inwardly believe you cannot attain.
  2. Go forward in your mind to a future time when you have already achieved the success you desire. Step into the scene of your success. Create a full-sensory experience of being there and enjoying the benefits—seeing, hearing, and feeling as if you were there.
  3. Imagine looking back from the future success to observe the path you took to attain this outcome. Notice several major achievements and breakthroughs along the way to your success.
  4. Return to the present moment and write out three to five positive, affirmative statements that capture your inner knowing that you can achieve this goal. Add images that reinforce and remind you that you can succeed.
This switch in your thinking allows an immense amount of resources within you to suddenly become available
Allow yourself to write in THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK the issues you can achieve in your life and they will be available to you.

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