From your heart

A friend of mine who is a certified coach and a good one, told me about many people that come to her for help in coaching them to success. She meets them for two hour session, and many times her clients want to spend these two hours complaining or talking about what bothers them, she keeps reminding them to focus on their coaching session.

The main issue here is to move from Have – Do – Being which is more of a treatment program to Being – Do – Have which actually defines the coaching program.

I believe that every person has powers and strength to suceed so when something it is so powerful for this person’s mind and heart (the BEING it is in full force)  it will manifest with the help of being focus on the target, on the goal.

Of course treatment and coaching are precious and very helpful, I emphasize when you know what do you want, clearly and you keep on track towards it, you will succeed on achieving it.

Write yourself THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK and you will see for yourself what you can achive.

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