Intention, Attention No Tension

Everything starts by an intention, a spark that arouses in your mind and it gets through you in  your body and in your conscience.
An intention is a thought that arises in you, remains with you and translates into an action – whether today, tomorrow, next year.

Attention is awareness in motion, it is like a flow of  water, a river
in natural cause. If you choose to put attention in an intention, just attention, it will manifest.

No tension it is a relaxation by itself, just leave it as it is.
Give your mind, your brain and yourself the moment for energy to expand and produce. It will manifest.

Intention, attention and no tension are linked. They go together.
Intention has a goal. Attention is focus on your intention. No Tension is faith in your intention.

I like very much this three words because they prove to me as powerful and truth.

In THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK write down your intentions, keep them close so you pay attention, leave them in your wallet so it will allow them to manifest

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