The 86 years old young man

A father’s friend is 86 years old this year. 
He lives in Uruguay, he came from eastern Europe as a child, a very small child. 
When the family was giving him a party for his 80’s birthday, by chance he received his birth certificate in which was written that he was born two years before what he thought. Back then coming from Europe many mistakes took place regarding dates and places. 
And these was one of those mistakes that weren’t so important for this eighty year old man (eighty two in fact). 

Anyhow he was a business man and a family man that had retired few years back, since knowing the difference in his age, he took a decision of enjoying life as best he could. 
He bought a bike and started to ride every day in his neighborhood, decided to bought an organ and took private lessons to learn to play the instrument. 
He traveled with his wife a lot in the last few years and he define himself as being in the middle of his life. 
I liked his story because it emphasizes that what you think, your thoughts is who you are, your reality is what you allow yourself to think and dream.

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