The YES woman

Who is she the yes woman?

She is a bright, loving and caring woman.

She is a fine woman, she organizes things quickly and in a very good way, she does a lot of chores, she can perform many tasks at the same time.

She cares about her kids, her husband or mate, her parents, friends and neighbors.

When someone ask for help she always says yes, she enjoys helping people and being a helper and cares.

Sometimes she lives her all life doing that and she is happy about it, which is great.

Sometimes she “weaken up” later in life, could be in her “40’s or “50’s” and realize that she doesn’t recognize what is what she wants, what is the spark that really moves her, touches her and is worth living for.

Yet I understand both sides and still, I call upon you if you recognize that women in you to think, dream, call out loud and write what do you want, anything that touches that small but huge spark of energy that makes the life a present (cadeaux).

The world will respond to you.

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