Many people received THE CARD THAT KEEPS YOU ON TRACK most of them made use of it and others took it and did not fill it.

Why did not use it?

Beliefs ? Waste of time? Not to know what to write? Too big dreams? ….. Resistance.

What stop us from thinking clearly what do we want?

I can not answer what is the proccess in the mind of someone, but surely a unique belief stops it from advancing forward towards a bigger tomorrow.

Last winter I gave an excercise in a school class of 13’s years old kids, there were 20 kids, I was new to them.

I  told them a short story about writting your 101 dreams with specific details in all areas of life: health, family, social, career (intelectual), hobbies, financial and more and how this can really change your life, so I gave them white sheets of paper and asked them to fill in their dreams, wishes and goals.

A third of the class were not able to write more than 3 sentences, why is that?

I continued explaining what type of dreams they can write, regarding futbol, dance, travelling, cars, holidays, school, parties, family, money, grades and so on. Still was difficult for some of them to write what is it what they want.

If you have an idea of what happend in their minds I will appreciate your commentary.

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