Short story

More than a year ago I gave this card to a friend of mine, she took it, write something and put it on her wallet and forgot about it.

Two weeks ago, I met her and told her about this blog and that I should pursuit it to do it in english, why english? To reach more people to make it universal, to offer it to the world.

I asked her about her card and what happen to what she wrote, then she opened her wallet, took a while to find the card in the back of a credit card… and then she was astonished, even for herself!

She wrote that she wanted to lose 20 kg less, to work on a special project and other things that she did not spoke about, then she said  “I can’t beleive it, I weight 10 kg less today, I joined a bike club and I am working right know in this particular project that I wrote about”

What happened here? Magic?

Yes! I believe so, you asked and you received.

Try it!

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